Moving to Florida? Take my advice!

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When my husband and I decided to move to Florida we thought what could go wrong? 

We were both Realtors with many years experience in residential real estate at a smal beach town in Maryland.  What we didn't realize was how big the housing market was here-just around Orlando! It is huge!

We actually found it difficult to find a local Realtor to guide us and at the least, point us in the right direction. Our first contact was a no-show; so we walked into a large local real estate office and asked for help and we did get some help from a Realtor and some listings. So off we go! ...basically following our noses and exploring various and sundry developements of resale properties; spending quite a bit of time exploring and getting to know the area.

Fortunately and by accident; we did happen upon a townhouse developement that offered new townhomes that had been built six years earlier by a builder that went bankrupt in the recession. The price was fantastic and we liked the developement, overlooking some of its shortcomings -so we bought it and rented it for the first year or so until we could  move down permanently.  

When we did move to Florida permanently we found the house we had purchased was not right for us. After less than two years we looked at each other and said what were we thinking?

...and we moved six months later to the home we have now...and is probably our last- the best home we have ever lived in!


I know this sounds wierd coming from a  Realtor- but we failed to follow our own advice we have given to many, many clients!

Search and research and find the home that fits 100% ! 

Buying a home here in Florida, especially if you are out of state (or the USA) requires your time and energy to find that perfect home.
Make your life easier by getting a pro on your team who knows exactly what you want!
....someone you can count on to take you through the whole process!